Wednesday, August 03, 2005

oh, I should say

that that's the website for Ted Kersten. But that's obvious, right? His stuff doesn't translate well to the web, but it looks really incredible in person.

or this:

Friday, January 07, 2005

I like this:

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My First Blog

Why not start blogging, I guess. Although there was that WSJ article (yesterday?) about employers Googling prospective employees and finding potentially damaging stuff on those people's blogs. And it feels a little weird to come across blogs of co-workers. But I'm (mostly?) in favor of people just putting it all out there for the world to see -- it's great conversation fodder, if nothing else. And, really, at this point (both in terms of where I'm at in my life and considering what's out there in popular culture), what could be embarrassing?

And so the birth of the Asshole Conspiracy, named for a great book I got from Loompanics ( If you ask me, assholedom (is this an acceptable word?) is the biggest problem in our society, because it's at the root of most other major problems, like economic & social injustice, greed, corruption, lack of concern for the environment and just people treating each other badly in general. (OK, I'll have to think more about this seemingly extreme statement and see if I can make an argument supporting it.)

Anyway, I think assholdom is making what could be an excellent world into shit. Who knows - maybe it's in our nature. Problem is, assholes beget assholes: the more exposure you have to them, the more you become one. I feel myself becoming more of one all the time. Great.

Assholedom probably arises out of fear. People are overly concerned with what others think about them, which leads to this awful culture of conformity. And to prove they're an "Us" and not a "Them," they put down those who opt for a different path.

Assholes can be recognized by their attitude of entitlement and disregard for common courtesy. If they're bitter assholes, they're usually just pathetic. It's the arrogant ones who really tick me off.

OK, I'll get back to this. Hopefully this blog won't only be about assholes. Maybe I can help offset the Kingdom of Assholedom by posting some nice stuff....